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Maya and Kevin

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Our Story

It was 8pm New Year’s Eve 2010. Maya was queuing up the show Parenthood on her laptop while still in her YMCA work clothes when her friend Maia reached out asking if she wanted to join her at a New Year's Eve party in Buda. Maya clearly did not have any plans, so she said why not! Kevin also had no plans and his friend Tyler reached out asking the same thing. Maia, Tyler, and Kevin all attended the same elementary school.

Since Buda used to be more in the boonies, we (Maia and I) met up with Tyler and Kevin at a Whataburger so we could follow them to the party.

Once we got to the party I was able to see Kevin wearing a button up white colored shirt, khaki pants, and cowboy boots. And I thought to myself damn, who is this good looking fella? We were all standing in the kitchen with a giant island in between us and Kevin made the first move to come over and talk to me. We spoke to each other all night until around 4am. At the end of the night I told Kevin I was kind of seeing this other guy at the time and then Kevin asked, “can I have your number in case things with the other guy don’t work out?” He had me at that point!

Through our mutual love of music, the outdoors, shared values, sense of humor, food, and travel we instantly connected.

12 years later, we’ve gone through a long distance relationship, college degrees, job transitions, family loses and medical procedures, many, many moves, surviving a pandemic, and a winter storm together. The challenges allowed us to show up for each other when we each needed it most and reminded us to embrace the moments of joy even more. Joy we’ve experienced together through traveling, camping, adopting our fur child Khaleesi, and purchasing our first home together.

We’ve traveled to just about all of Texas with camping and road trips, the beach, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Florida, and 4 countries together (Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, & Brazil).

We have come a long way and we are so excited to celebrate our special day with the people we love the most and who have been a part of our journey.